Nakshatra Mala

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Nakshatra Mala

Product Name : Nakshatra Mala

Product Code : NMG01

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Average bead size: Average 15mm-27mm

Design: This is a rare powerful mala made of 1 mukhi to 27 mukhi in pure gold. Selected finest collector beads of java origin are used for this. Beads capped in pure gold with fine designer gold caps and strung in gold chain.

Significance: This Nakshatra mala having Rudraksha for all the 27 constellations in space is a grand possession and a family treasure whose power spans across generations.

This Mala symbolizes the pinnacle of achieving prowess whether in the material world or the spiritual universe. It is believed that the Mala bestows power of all the Gods to its wearer. Thus whoever wishes to reach the highest level of success in both the materialistic or spiritual realms, wearing of the Nakshatra Mala is strongly recommended. This may be kept in Puja altar for benefit and growth of all the family members.

Fit for the royalty, this grand possession is a family treasure. Its price increases every year due to the rarity of the beads. Its power spans across generations. It provides riches, pleasures, comforts and all earthly desires, as well leads one to path of righteousness and Moksha.

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